Marriott Rewards Instagram Stories

I work with the Marriott Loyalty team to create weekly Instagram Stories that highlight the brand's sense of wanderlust. Together we work with Shutterstock Custom to organize photoshoots in locations with properties we'd like to showcase. The stories are a combination of photography, video, and animation to show Rewards members what they can do in a specific city. 

With the Marriott/Starwood merger, I've also gotten the opportunity to create templates for the SPG Instagram channel to use for future stories. 

We recently updated and expanding the Instagram Stories to include different franchises, including a "Where Are We" style guessing game and a deep dive version called "It's a Thing" where we use video to focus on a specific landmark or event in a city.

Check out @marriottrewards on Instagram to see what I'm working on!

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Holiday Email Campaign

Kleenex launched a line of facial cleansing products 2 years ago aimed at millennial women. While I was working at an ad agency, I got the opportunity to design an email drip campaign. I built each email in MailChimp and utilized GIFs to add an element of fun. Each email had to be fairly educational, since this was a brand new product only available online. 

The project not only involved laying out the emails, animating the hero images, and building out responsive versions of each touchpoint, but also retouching of product photography that was done in-house.


Hello Event Planning Full Branding Suite

I worked with a DC-area wedding and event planner to rebrand and relaunch her business. After developing a new brand identity, I designed and built a full website using Squarespace and several pieces of brand collateral including a pricing guide, business cards, Pinterest and Instagram Ad templates, and letterhead. 

I love getting to work with clients on logo ideas, and projects like these really give me the opportunity to dabble in both the digital and print worlds of design. Working with women who own or are beginning their small business are especially fun to work with since the possibilities are endless and the excitement is unmatched.


Foot Cardigan Email Design

I work with a small sock company in Dallas, TX, to design their email blasts. They send out between 2-3 emails a week, and while they are obviously a product-focused company, they encourage the use of illustration in their emails. I usually try to incorporate some element of animation in nearly every email since their brand is fun, quirky, and a little weird. 

For their Cyber Monday series of emails, I created a visual element of sock-shaped Christmas lights that blinked on and off to tie the emails together. 

Part of the joy of working with a brand like this is looking for new ways to display socks to keep the customers interested and curious about what's next.

Fuzzy App Product Design

This was a super fun project that unfortunately never came to fruition. While I was at my agency job, we were approached by a client with an idea for time capsule meets Snapchat app. There was no brand, just a name and a simple product flow. 

The challenge was in simultaneously creating a cohesive brand identity with a clear and user-friendly user interface. In creating this project, I got to hone my skills in Sketch and explore a new avenue of design. I also got the chance to work in tandem with our development team as we built a working prototype of the app.

Pearl Surrogacy Responsive Website

I worked with a surrogacy firm to launch their Wordpress website. Using an existing brand identity, we designed a responsive website on Wordpress that would be easily edited by the client if need be. The challenge was in taking a complicated topic and turning it into a user-friendly, easy to navigate website.

In designing the site, I worked in tandem with the developer to populate the website with the correct content and make sure everything was functional. 


Untangle App Landing Page

This design was a concept I created for the launch of a beauty and wellness app. They ultimately went in a different direction, but I took the opportunity to expand upon their current brand identity to include an icon set. 

The site's original wireframe was a simple landing page concept, but I took a few liberties with the layout to create something a little more interesting.