Digital Design


Hello Event Planning Full Branding Suite

Amanda Mustard Studio

I worked with a DC-area wedding and event planner to rebrand and relaunch her business. After developing a new brand identity, I designed and built a full website using Squarespace and several pieces of brand collateral including a pricing guide, business cards, Pinterest and Instagram Ad templates, and letterhead. 


Foot Cardigan Email Campaign Design

Amanda Mustard Studio

I worked with a small sock company in Dallas, TX, to design their email blasts. They send out between 2-3 emails a week, and while they are obviously a product-focused company, they encourage the use of illustration in their emails. I incorporated elements of animation in nearly every email since their brand is fun, quirky, and a little weird. 

For this Cyber Monday series of emails, I created a visual element of sock-shaped Christmas lights that blinked on and off to tie the emails together. 

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Email Campaign Design

Planit Agency

Kleenex launched a line of facial cleansing products available only online. Using a segmented Mailchimp campaign, we created a series of animated emails promoting special kits containing all the products to people who had already expressed interest in the product. The series of emails were not only mobile friendly, but used beautiful photography to show each product in awesome detail. I designed each email, creating an animated gif (sometimes multiple) for each one, and I built and customized each email in the Mailchimp CMS.


Fuzzy App Design & Brand Identity

Planit Agency

Fuzzy is a photo and video-sharing app, similar to Snapchat, but with a time capsule feature. The idea is to send messages to your loved ones in the future, using a photo of video that you capture in the moment. Using Sketch, I designed the UI elements, and since there was no established brand, the app design acted as a quick and dirty identity design. I also used Invision to prototype the functionality of the app for the client.


Marriott Rewards Instagram Stories

Amanda Mustard Studio

As part of my regular work for the Marriott Rewards social team, I create upwards of 3 stories a week for their Instagram channel. Each story focuses on a city and a theme, and we work with a photographer on the ground to capture photos and videos for us. I take the content captured and craft a story around it, editing the photos to fit Marriott's brand aesthetic, editing the videos to look like Boomerangs or just to look more engaging, and writing the captions to go along with each screen. 


Chesapeake Resort & Spa Website

Planit Agency

We designed a responsive website for a resort and spa on the Eastern Shore. Known for their bingo and casino, they wanted to appeal to a larger audience, so we designed something that would appeal to families, day-trippers, and couples planning their weddings.


Jenga Digital Game

Planit Agency

If you're in the advertising world, you know that the Christmas card is a big deal. For 2016, we decided to create a digital version of Jenga but with a holiday theme. People could compete online to win prizes, and our clients received mini desk Jengas in the mail promoting the website. Overall, the work included illustrating the office, inside and out, animating the home screen and social media assets, recording sound bites for the game, launching an email campaign, and designing a print wrap for the physical Jenga games.